History of P.M.TAFER,S.A.


In 1971,  Fernández Martín´s brother started running their own business in the village of  Alhaurín el Grande, in Malaga. The company,  called Talleres Fernández, started offering their services to locksmiths and metal workers offering handcrafted products.




In 1976, Fernánez Martin´s brothers introduced into their production, the Ornamental Pipes line,  being the genuine producer of that kind of pipes in 6 meters long, manufacturing under their own patents a big range of ornamental figures, lengths and diameters that positioned Prefabricados Metálicos Tafer, S.A. in best levels not only in national market but also has an important presence at international markets and with recognized reputation.



This fast development situated the company as a reference in the market and so, in 1984, the company get registered as anonimous society with its actual name, Prefabricados Metálicos Tafer, S.A., and then, in 1987 the company name, logo and branch was internationally registered under its actual appearance.


This expansion produced that in 1992, the company introduced in their production the manufacture of artistic wrought iron components as well as the comercialization of decorative cast iron components, obtaining on that way,  the recognition and confidence from their increasing number of customers and collaborators.


Products offered by Prefabricados Metálicos Tafer, S.A. has always follow their own quality standars and on that way, the company decided to reach the goal to be registered by International Quality Certifications and so,  in the year 2000, the company obtained ISO-9001 certification  under number registration ER-0139/2000, distinction that fills with pride all the staff of the company.




At present, Prefabricados Metálicos Tafer, S.A. is working under an industrialized system that allow not only to check and control the quality of production but also to offer products

under order with different shapes and measures,  exclusive and competitive models.



On the same time, Prefabricados Metálicos Tafer, S.A. has its own Design and Development Department that continuously work under new models according to market tendencies.


Tradition, quality and good service is offering Prefabricados Metálicos Tafer, S.A. to customers since 1971.